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Wintergreen Cinnamon Toothpicks In Tubes 5 Pack
Wintergreen Cinnamon Toothpicks In Tubes 5 Pack
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Product Description

Wintergreen Cinnamon Toothpicks In Tubes 5 Pack
Try our 5 Pack Wintergreen Cinnamon Tubes of Extreme Mouth Watering Flavored Toothpicks Today.

Each tube contains 12 toothpicks and (5) Tubes Shipped with Each Order. Each tube is air tight sealed medical grade plastic for long lasting storage and easy shipping.

These tasty wood chewing sticks aren't your plain, run-of-the-mill toothpicks.
These picks are full of flavor!
They're made of quality birch wood sustainable harvested from planted birch trees, and amply absorbed with essential oils and flavorings.

Each pick is bursting with taste, and the more you chew 'em, the stronger they get. You will receive with your order:

(5) Tubes of Wintergreen Cinnamon Toothpicks
(2) Reusable medical grade tubes to lock in the flavor.

Total Count 60 total toothpicks, 12 each

Don't buy our product If you want some weak toothpick with no taste and made from who knows what.

We sell extreme flavored toothpicks made from the best usa quality ingredients.
We pre warned you they are hot, extreme, minty and cool.

No Calories No Carbs, No sugars! ALL THE FLAVA! We Only Use Natural Ingredients & The Best Birch Wood.

Our Toothpicks Are Made The Old Fashioned Way. Actual product packaging is as shown in picture

Made from Essential Oils and American Grown White Birch Wood.

Combine our handy screw-on cap tubes for easy refill for your tasty flavored wood toothpicks!

These Picks Last for Hours and Freshen Breath Immediately.

Don't Be Fooled By Our Competitors!

Their Quality Does Not Compare.

available and provided for:
- Restaurants
- Nightclubs
- Wedding Favors
- Party Favors
- Poker Parties
- Corporate Gifts
- Thank You Gifts
- Birthdays
- Anniversaries
- Holidays
- Christmas Gifts
- Bat Mitzvahs
- Valentines Day
- Sports Parties
- Easter
- St. Patrick's Day
- Mardi Gras
- Or Just For Fun!

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