We sell The Best Gourmet Flavored Toothpicks In The World.

Constant innovation and the provision of a superior product have been the key factors of our business model. We are passionate that Flavasticks have already attained this status in terms of product quality.
Management has identified business attributes that have already set Flavasticks products apart from competitors. This includes an ongoing commitment to providing customers with the absolute best product possible.

Flavasticks are now beginning to be sold locally at retail outlets with our point of sale dispensers.
Toothpicks can be placed in your metal dispensers with custom logo or shipped in convenient, leak proof and reusable recyclable plastic tubes with unique Plexi dispensers.
Our products also are used in your existing dispensers for only an incremental cost over your existing product.

As of 2012, there are only five (5) major wholesale manufacturers of flavored toothpicks worldwide. Each one of the competitors listed below produces flavored toothpicks on a large scale and offers retail sale of flavored toothpicks via online websites. None however come close to the level of quality and specialization offered by Flavor Toothpicks, Inc

Lastly, you will also find our service response to be quick, with a turnaround time of two weeks for even the biggest order.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this and look forward in providing you an amazing product with exceptional service.
Flavor Toothpicks

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